We help businesses strategically position themselves on the Web.

All organizations should be empowered by the Web.

Over 80% of Canadians research a business or service on the Web prior to making a purchase decision. Consumers are buying more and more online. Global e-retail has an annual growth of over 20% and e-commerce sales account for over 10% of global retail sales. Whether it is to capture more leads or to directly increase sales, the effect on the bottom line is undeniable. (Source: statista.com)

Our goal is to improve the Web experience for every user.

In all we do, user experience (UX) is front and center. Users want to be able to execute tasks that serve their needs without fuss or bother. Web experiences should be user-friendly, pleasing and intuitive. Likewise, the simplicity and elegance of a professional design will bring joy to usability.

We aim to build a faster, more secure, and more accessible Web.

We want to remove barriers so users enjoy the same, equally satisfying Web experiences regardless of their device, Internet connection, or disability. We also want to protect users from malicious threats at all times. We believe performance, security, and accessibility are the pillars of a successful website.


We take part in
shaping and changing the Web.

Francis Bélanger

Web Consultant
Business Development Manager


Web Consultant
Full Stack Developer

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