Geenotype Websites

5-step approach

Our Web development process is designed to help you achieve a high return on your investment (ROI).

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We guide you through the process.

Dedicated team

Work with a team responsible for managing everything in concert. From the account representative to the project manager, rest assured that you are in good hands.

Business discovery

Elaborate your requirements and needs with your account representative. Then establish the goals of your website in order to reach your business objectives.

Help and tutorials

Receive guidance regarding all aspects of your website. Learn how to benefit from your website once it goes online.

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Design thinking

We focus on your users and let creativity flow.

User-centric content

Your website is all about your users. What information do they need? How to reassure them and convince them to buy? Assemble your content with our content entry tool.

Modular sections

A website is a collection of sections. We prepare these sections with relevant modules that make it easy for your users to accomplish their tasks.

Style guide

Make your website stand out. We create your style guide using your unique characteristics. Your website then inherits your distinct visual traits.

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We design your website with the help of your feedback.


With our modular approach, we add functions without lengthy development time or technical complexity. We can easily revise sections of your website by iteration.


We constantly push changes to a staging environment where you can check on the progress of your website.


Provide contextual comments with our collaboration tool. Point, click and write directly on your website, just like sticky-notes.

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It’s time to launch your website.

Quality assurance

We conduct a thorough inspection of your website on a testing environment. We make sure to fix bugs and usability issues.


You are the owner of your website. We send you the deliverable files that include the source code of your website.


We deploy your website on a production environment for the world to visit. We also connect your website to analytical tools.

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Continuously improve your website.

Goal tracking

We configure your Google Analytics account so you can track your conversions and measure the achievement of your goals.

Content optimization

We give you insights on enhancing your existing content and on creating new content to better fulfill your user’s needs.


We connect your online website to our version-control system. All software updates are tested before being pulled to your website.

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